Frequently Asked Questions


What materials do you use?

My sketches are done on an iPad Pro. It gives me flexibility and anything can be adjusted quickly.
For the final artwork I work with pencil on paper which I usually scan and color in Photoshop CC using the iPad as a tablet (with Astropad app).
Sometimes I work completely analogue and color my artwork with gouache and/or watercolor

Supply list:
- pencil / vulpen ranging from 2H to 6B
- polychromos pencil black
- colouring pencils
- gouache
- watercolor
- dr. Adams watercolor
- thick hot press paper, like Fabriano 300lb

Reference books

What do you use for reference?

I photograph everything around me and use it for practice sketching or for reference of a specific plant or animal.
There are lots of beautiful (vintage) reference books around, these are some titles that are on my bookshelf:

- Readers Digest fieldguides
- Nieuwe Flora in Kleur by M.Skytte Christiansen & H.Anthon
- Verkade’s books by Jac. P. Thijsse (a series)
- Mountain Flowers In Colour by Anthony Huxley


How did you develop your style?

Upon discovering the pencil at the age of two, I was lost to art and succumbed to creating it. I drew on every scrap of paper I could get my hands on—even my school notebooks, which my math teacher didn’t really appreciate. I tried out different kinds of materials and created my own stories on paper. I first came into contact through my grandfather; he was a typographic painter, painting signs for businesses and lettering on trains. He was also really skilled at Hindeloopen art, a specific kind of Dutch traditional painting, and he showed me his love for different crafts and materials.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Being in nature always gives me the best feeling, so I try to go to the woods, the beach and the dunes as much as I can. I collect fallen leaves, pick flowers to dry and photograph every beautiful thing I encounter so I can use it later for reference


Personal Commissions

Do you do personal commissions?

You can contact me for personal projects like wedding branding or a custom drawing or painting. I don’t create custom tattoo art but you can contact me if you’d like to use an existing artwork as a tattoo. Please do not use my art as a tattoo without my permission.

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